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Over the last several seasons, football has become more geared toward the offense. There are many rules in place that favor the offense including the much too restrictive pass interference rules. However, there are three rules that favor the defense.

The intentional grounding rule is one rule that benefits the defense. Quarterbacks must be outside of the pocket and make an attempt to get the ball back to the line of scrimmage. If they don’t do this, a penalty is called resulting in a loss of down. This keeps the quarterback from just pitching the ball away Read the rest of this entry »


The NFL wants more excitement during games and gaining more yards on offense seems to be the solution. When the results at the end of a game show more yards and first downs then the score is higher. Game points have been increasing for the past 30 seasons with no signs of slowing down. This notion has even trickled down to the collegiate level.

New rules or modified penalties have been the catalyst for this evolution and no other rule has made more of an impact than the chuck rule. Although introduced during the late 70′s, the Read the rest of this entry »


There are three main rules that protect NFL quarterbacks from getting hurt too easily. One of these rules is that you can’t hit the quarterback too hard after he throws the ball. This is called a late hit, and it is labeled as roughing the passer. Quarterbacks can get severely hurt from these types of late hits. Another penalty that protects quarterbacks is called when they get hit in the head. Defensive players are not allowed to strike the opposing quarterback’s head in any way unless he is running the Read the rest of this entry »


If it weren’t for Tiger Woods many people wouldn’t know the name of a single professional golfer. The Gentleman’s Sport, as it’s called, is making a huge comeback nationwide so get your power turned on with http://www.texasenergycompanies.net/, bust out the Golf Network and throw yourself a golf party! Or better yet, if you’re on the course, pay attention these rules of the game. Shhhhh: Golf is a notoriously quiet game but it’s not only polite it’s required to be silent while anyone else is hitting or putting. It’s out of necessity since the best players need silence to concentrate. Be Still: Much like being quiet, being still is important on the fairway, too. Particularly if you’re standing ahead or beside someone who’s hitting the ball you’ll want to be still so as not to impact their peripheral vision and mess up their shot. Be Honest: It goes without saying but you must double check your scorecard before signing it. Since your opponent keeps your score and you keep theirs there’s room for error – if they’ve given you a shot by accident and you sign off you could forfeit the whole match.


Baseball is filled with rules that can be confusing to understand for baseball fans.

If a batter is hit by a pitch, the batter is awarded first base. However, if the batter does not make an attempt to avoid the pitch, the pitch is considered a ball.

The balk is the least understood rule in baseball. A balk occurs when a pitcher makes a motion associated with his pitching delivery but does not throw the ball to homeplate. Play is considered Read the rest of this entry »


Have you ever stopped to think what happens when a baseball umpire ignores the rules? Would another umpire overrule them? Would it cause a riff amongst the teams? How would the fans respond to it? I’ve often pondered this question and thought that it would be funny to see exactly what would happen if this scenario were to go down. My prediction would be that the crowd might riot, the game would need to be suspended and the game should be replayed at the commissioner’s discretion.
Could you imagine the public Read the rest of this entry »


The infield fly rule is a rule in baseball that is supposed to stop infielders from dropping pop-up balls on purpose to get a double or triple play. If the rule did not exist, the defensive player could miss the ball and then get the runners out when they stay close to their base in order to tag up. If the runners did run too far from the base, then they could catch the ball and tag the player who failed to tag up. To prevent this from happening, the infield fly rule Read the rest of this entry »


There are many rules in the game of baseball. These rules keep the game fair and competitive for everyone who is involved, but the occasional player attempts to break them. Examples of broken rules in baseball include corked bats, pine tar on baseballs for pitchers, pitch tipping and even steroids. Players who have famously broken these rules include Sammy Sosa, Manny Ramirez, Chris Sabo and Alex Rodriguez. Sammy Sosa and Chris Sabo are both known Read the rest of this entry »


While football is a game of inches, baseball is a game of centimeters. Hitting a pitch solidly and hitting a pitch poorly can literally be a difference of fractions of inches and centimeters. Aside from contact, called strikes and balls can be a matter of inches and centimeters. Umpires often have varying strike zones and call pitches based on those opinionated zones. The varying strike zone can drive many players up a wall with its influence on batting average and on-base Read the rest of this entry »

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