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Baseball is filled with rules that can be confusing to understand for baseball fans.

If a batter is hit by a pitch, the batter is awarded first base. However, if the batter does not make an attempt to avoid the pitch, the pitch is considered a ball.

The balk is the least understood rule in baseball. A balk occurs when a pitcher makes a motion associated with his pitching delivery but does not throw the ball to homeplate. Play is considered dead and the baserunner is awarded one base.

The infield fly rule occurs when there is at least one runner on base with less than two outs and a fly ball is hit in fair territory on the infield. The batter is out and all other runners advance at their own risk.

Any ball that is hit down the line on the infield is called fair or foul depending on where the ball stops.

A baserunner can tag up and advance on a fly ball hit with less than two outs as soon as the ball hits the fielder’s glove. If the baserunner tags before the ball is caught, the batter can be forced out for a double play.Keep looking, there’s more: Why I Love Baseball. Oh, Let Me Count the Ways.

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